Introducing: AIDA Home

by Rowan


We've always loved interiors at AIDA. The right environment, whether for work or living, reflects back on you. Inspiration, relaxation, comfort or creativity: set your mind state with your surroundings.

We curated the AIDA Home collection to translate not just the look and feel of the store, but also the ethos behind it. Ethical products, local designers, skilled craftsmen, worldwide connections.

Take a piece of AIDA Home.

AIDA home cool living room look 2

AIDA home cool living room look 1

AIDA Cushions Share 2


AIDA home sharing

AIDA Felt Rug Square 3

AIDA Cushions Share 6

AIDA E and A Sharing Pic 4

AIDA home cool living room look 3

AIDA Cushions

AIDA Cushions Portrait 2

AIDA cushions share 7

AIDA E and A Sharing 7

AIDA home share 2




IMG_9363 copy

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