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by Rowan


Mads Nørgaard make clothes for the Copenhagen cool kids. Except they're global. Everything you'd expect from a real Scandi brand: perfectly simple, perfectly undone, effortless style.

Established in Copenhagen in 1985, the Mads Nørgaard brand began life as a Menswear store in the Dutch capital. Developing to include an independent collection 'Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen', the brand eventually expanded to incorporate women's and children's lines. It is now stocked in over 400 retailers worldwide and presented at Copenhagen Fashion Week, with additional showrooms in LA and Stockholm.

Mads Norgaard Womenswear Two Mads Norgaard Denim

Owner, designer and director Mads Mathias Nørgaard is the established force behind the brand, who recently won Elle DK's prestigious Style Award for Brand of the Year. He bases the collections around a 'core of fashionable classics', to help combat the excessive speed of fashion and life in the Western world. The result is timeless basics that will last season to season, in material as well as style.

Mads Norgaard Portrait Designer

Favoured by a host of stylish somebodies, Mads Nørgaard know how to make the most of their cultural collective. Their Instagram feed is full of Danish super bloggers, super models, musicians and fashion editors in the brand's famous stripes, looking like your best mate who just dropped by for a brew. Not forgetting the ever stylish store staff and team members - Insta inspiration of the finest kind. In store DJs, music performances, exclusive sample sales and their own mini festival are all part of the Mads crew calendar. If you're ever in Copenhagen, stop by and join the party.

Fredes Blog Mads Norgaard

Mads Norgaard Insta

Mads Norgaard Gram

Mads Festival

Mads Nørgaard and friends - Frederikke Toftsø of Fredesblog | @madsnorgaard Instagram images | In store DJs for the May Festival

For an ode to stripes that surpasses all, check out the legendary Mads Nørgaard Tumblr HERE

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Mads Norgaard back print jacket

Finally, I believe that fashion is meant to support you and free you, not overrule or control you. What you wear should support you in your ways and beliefs. That’s how I see it.

- Mads Nørgaard

Mads Norgaard Hanneli