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by Rowan


A Collection of Stories

The brands that we choose to stock at AIDA share our focus for effortless style, quality materials and a strong philosophy. We value the journey of our products, and source creatively and responsibly as much as possible - it’s important to us to know the stories of the brands we sell, and the people that bring them to life. BLOG-CPH-6.1 BLOG-CPH-5 BLOG-CPH-4
Knowledge Cotton AW17
We took a team trip to Copenhagen this month to drop in on Fashion Week, squeeze in a few buying appointments, and gather a little inspiration for the season ahead. While there, we met up with the team from Mads Nørgaard who gave us a tour of their beautiful offices, showroom and store, and invited us to join them for the party to end all parties (and a sleepy but delicious breakfast the following day). It was the perfect opportunity to understand more about the history and origin of one of our favourite brands, to see behind the scenes of their design process and to absorb the energy of the city in which they’ve grown. BLOG-CPH-6 BLOG-CPH-7 BLOG-CPH-9 BLOG-CPH-8 BLOG-CPH-12 BLOG-CPH-2 BLOG-CPH-10 BLOG-CPH-3
Scenes from Copenhagen and the Mads Nørgaard studios.
This year we’re taking part in the Shoreditch Design Triangle, and we’ll be highlighting the stories of the designers that form the AIDA collection - menswear, womenswear and homeware - as well as serving limited edition versions of our famous Speciality Lattes.

Find all the details HERE and keep a watch on our socials for more info and some sneak peeks of what we’ve got planned.