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Mauve Enda Shirt

Kings of Indigo

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White Mount Fiji Darius Tee

Kings of Indigo


Mid Marble Thanos Overshirt

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Blue Check Juntoku Shirt

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Off White Nezer Long Sleeve Tee

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Blue Melee Hideo Knit

Kings of Indigo


Following the ethos that clothing can be made sustainably and to an exceptional quality, Kings of Indigo is two steps in the ever-changing 'sustainable fashion' world. Their use of innovative, eco-conscious materials and construction methods has established the brand as an industry leader. Low impact dye, recycling water, increasing recycled content in fabrics, washing with less water, chemicals and energy are but a few of the many methods Kings of Indigo use to sustain a collection where 95% is made using sustainable materials. As well as being fully PETA vegan approved, Kings of Indigo regularly launches their own initiatives to promote social and ethical justice across the globe, including their 'Equal Pockets' and '#reusetheblues' campaigns.