by Gemma Ford

We’re back. The shutters are up, doors flung wide open, coffee brewing and the new collections are ready! After three extraordinary and unpredictable months, the doors to AIDIA have finally re-opened. Our Shoreditch High Street store is the beating heart of our business and it feels incredibly good to be back. After months of watching the effects of Covid-19 unfold globally and responding reactively, it’s safe to say that the road to this point has been no easy feat. At times, like many other independent retailers, we even wondered if this day would come. But here we are and we are so grateful to all of our customers, brands, community and team THANK YOU!

AIDA Shoreditch store


The outbreak undeniably had a global impact and something we have always asked ourselves here at AIDA is; What is the impact of our actions? This question can be applied to all aspects of our lives and our business, from the way we consume to the way we eat, to the way we behave towards others. What is the impact?


We have used the last few months to really take stock and reflect upon all four corners of our business, assessing what works, what doesn’t and most importantly assessing how can we can begin to have a more positive impact in an increasingly challenging retail climate. We have been re-planning, re-thinking, implementing change where it is needed and making improvements where possible. From our café and our physical store through to our website, want each of our channels to be improved upon, to be safer for you, and to be better for our planet. We don’t see now as a time for ‘going back to normal,’ we see now as the start of a new beginning and an opportunity to make changes for the better, stretching us beyond our comfort zones and into a new and exciting direction.

AIDA Shoreditch homeware

But this is just the beginning. We have some really exciting things in the pipeline for AIDA and we can’t wait to share them with you over the coming months. AIDA has always been rooted in community, creating spaces that bring people and inspiring brands together - this is something that hasn’t changed and never will. We hope to continue to connect with you through our Stories, our social channels our website and our store, because without our community, we don't exist. We're looking forward to the coming months and can't wait to welcome you back inside.

See you soon!

The AIDA Team x

Our new opening hours:

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm

Sunday 12pm - 6pm