Feature Creative: Karis Mackenzie

by Rowan

Karis Mackenzie

At AIDA we’re privileged to meet and work with inspiring people on a regular basis – a result of the creative pedigree East London is famed for. But sometimes you cross paths with someone who catches your eye for just a little longer.

We first met Karis as a finalist in our Photography Competition back in Summer 2013. She’s since shot for us multiple times, most notably capturing the artist imagery for the first series of our AIDA Live Sessions. Her ability to translate moments of pure energy and life in to a single image must be the core of great music photography. And it’s stood her in good stead: last year she accompanied London based electro band CYMBALS on their first US tour.

Cymbals music


CYMBALS band photography

Karis Mackenzie band photography

Whilst road-ing it round the States with a group of musicians makes her nothing short of a professional cool girl, we’ll shyly admit we might love her aptly named ‘Adventure’ photography even more. These subtly arresting images spark your eyes with vivid colours of exotic scenes, before drawing you in to their true subject: an intensity of emotion momentarily captured by Karis’ lens.

Karis Mackenzie travel photography

travel photography Karis Mackenzie

Karis Mackenzie travel photography

Visit www.karismackenzie.com

Follow her on Instagram immediately @karismackenzie

Photographs courtesy of karismackenzie.com | Instagram.com/karismackenzie | cymbalsmusic.tumblr.com