Editorial: Tuesday Evenings | Part III

by Rowan

Selected Femme Tassel Sweatshirt Style Edit

The third part of our editorial with Lindsey Dawn Holland from Ropes Of Holland and photographer Ben Peter Catchpole. Part One HERE. Part Two HERE.

Tuesdays are the new Fridays.

LOOK THREE/Four - Boys/Boy's

Just Female Black Long Shorts

Levi's Made And Crafted White Tank Top

Levi's Made And Crafted Chambray Jacket

Selected Femme Tassel Sweatshirt - NEW SEASON (coming soon)

Neon Lights Fashion Photoshoot Shoreditch

Lindsey Holland Blogger Editorial Shoot

Neon Lights Street Style East London

Selected Femme Sweatshirt Style Shoot

Ropes of Holland Editorial London

Lindsey Holland Ben Peter Catchpole Photo Shoot

London Blogger Lindsey Holland Photo Shoot

Tassel Sweatshirt Style Edit

Jade Green Sweatshirt Street Style

See Part One HERE. See Part Two HERE.

See Look Three on Lindsey's site HERE

Check out Ben's imagery online HERE



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