Editorial: Tuesday Evenings | Part I

by Rowan


There's really nothing we love more than a good collaboration: bring together creative minds and talents in a new combination, and watch the resulting artistry unfold.

We came across Lindsey and her site Ropes Of Holland a little while ago, and loved her laid-back, tomboyish style. Relaxed and easy, she makes whatever she wears look entirely effortless, whilst entirely on point. We've long been fans of the Scandinavian brand of minimal cool, particularly when combined with a little English sensibility... Hello Lindsey. She also made us LOL in real life (forgive us), through the whole editorial shoot - it was all very unprofessional, and exactly what we were hoping for.

We commandeered photographer Ben Peter Catchpole to shoot the three part fashion story with us. His experienced eye and professional skill have captured images for major campaigns and taken him around the world. Along with his cracking beard (his words, our agreement). We particularly loved his Observations and Lifestyle imagery - unstructured moments of uncomplicated beauty and life.

So this was the combined inspiration for the shoot. A Tuesday evening, the familiar streets of Shoreditch, and a lucky break in the London clouds.

Tuesdays are the new Fridays.

Look One - Stripes on Stripes

BZR by Bruuns Bazaar Cream Wide Striped Dress

BZR by Bruuns Bazaar Cream Wide Stripes Trousers







See Look One on Lindsey's site HERE

Check out Ben's imagery online HERE

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