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by Rowan

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We're all guilty of getting a little London fatigue at times. As beautiful and energising as this city can be, too long in the centre of the rush can leave us tired and uninspired. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, so quit the beach and find another city to wake you from the slump.

Look out for the links (in capitals) throughout.

First stop: Stockholm


--A memorable image from the Anders Zorn exhibition at the Fotografiska (photography museum). The man was taking selfies (and docu-nudes) way before his time.

--Watery views, and emojis vs life 🚶🚤

--Looking back over Gamla Stan, the Old Town, from Sodermalm. Air and water - Stockholm wins.

--Unbeatable white chocolate cheesecake from the famous Chokladkoppen. Slice one of three (each) during the trip - that would be about daily then.


--Start - the ubiquitous plane window shot. Particularly when combined with sunrise, and views of the archipelago.

--Subconsious neon signage in Sodermalm.

--Displays at Nitty Gritty. More on which below.

--Views of the Noble Museum in Stortgoren (the same square the Chokladkoppen lives in. In fact this photo may or may not have been taken from the same outside table at which the cheesecake was consumed).

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--Inside the Royal Palace - ornate ceilings and thrones for days. No photos allowed, but no one else seemed to listen either.

--More water and more views - this is a Stockholm running theme. Looking back at Söder Mälarstrand from Centralbron bridge.

--Equality and positivity on the stairs at Urban Deli in SoFo (the Shoreditch of Stockholm dontcha know).

--Lessons in Swedish style (and interiors) from Stockholm born brand Our Legacy.

Stockholm Instagram 7

--Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa. The best shop in the city. Hope trousers and Carin Wester bomber. The trousers and the dashing cameramen made it back to England with me. The jacket is awaiting my return.

--Thai takeaway, enjoyed from the comfort of our AirBnB apartment, one of many recommendations from our amazing host Neal. On his very comfy sofa. Helps to feel local.

--It must be the place.

--Felt caps, Superstars and Sandqvist bags.

Instagram Travel Guide Stockholm

--Herr Judit, high quality and designer second hand menswear. Not your average cut-off Levi's vintage.

--Water, views. Additional seagull this time.

--The dandelion fountain in the Norrmalm area.

--Nitty Gritty, the anti-department store. On the West side of Sodermalm along with Our Legacy and Herr Judit.

Stockholm Instagram2

--Sitting protest: don't make me leave! Outside the Acne Archive on Torsgatan.

--The first country to have feminism ratings on films. Acne knows.

--Metro windows. Celebrating the comparatively spacious, quiet and airy trains. Tube who?

--Probably my favourite Swedish export: Acne have stores all over the city, including the secret/not so secret Archive store (selling past season discounted styles), and this one two blocks from our apartment in SoFo. Hashtag New Season.

Stockholm Travel Instagram

--Making the most of the place. The most frequented bar of the trip - the breakfast bar in our apartment. Home from home.

--Weekday Zeitgeist. Only available in stores. Enough reason to book the flights.

--Oh HEJ Samsøe & Samsøe!

--Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Old Town. Wander-ville.

Stockholm really is an incredible, vibrant, inspiring city, and this is just a teeny tiny blog post... For more recommendations, advice and ideas, tweet and ask @aidashoreditch.

Thanks to Kieran and Benjamin, for lending their photos and their faces, and for being excellent travel companions.

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